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What are Probiotics?

Did you know the 10% of a person’s whole-body weight is bacteria, the  good bacteria guys called probiotics  play a vital role in our digestive metabolic, they produce enzymes which break down food regulate bitumen and nutrient uptake and convert sugars to nutrients.  Good bacterias are also the first line of defense for our immune systems  blocking toxins breaking down proteins that cause allergies and crowding out harmful bacteria and yeast. In fact seventy or eighty percent of our immune system resides in our gut, when you have enough of the good bacteria working hard, your digestive metabolic and immune functions or get going along great and in harmony keeping your body functioning  properly, keeping you healthy digesting your food and warding off infections.  If your body does not have enough good bacteria , the bad bacteria take over and you may suffer from many health issues like  diarrhea constipation, gas, inflammation, food allergies, tiredness, irritability etc .

 It’s no wonder we are taking more pill and vitamins and swallowing antacids after meals. All the good bacteria have been processed out of the food we eat  we need to take care of ourselves  more than ever  and maintain a healthy body not by treating the symptoms but by simply putting back the  good bacteria the probiotics.

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